Sleeping Pills: The Cure to Falling Asleep and Dangers

22nd August 2020 Off By SEO Poster

Sleeping pills sure play an important role in helping you fall asleep, but what’s the real deal? While a number of people have praised the use of sleeping pills for falling asleep, a number of others have complained about the negative impacts as well. Sleeping pills have a list of risks involved with it, which the company doesn’t leak out in public.

Some of the common risks associated with sleeping pills include dependence, addiction, and degraded quality of sleep. It is necessary for the takers to be aware of the usage of sleeping pills. Undoubtedly, sleeping pills can pose a log of health risks, but if it’s taken in controlled amounts, it can be of great help.

What are sleeping pills?

Doctors termed sleeping pills as hypnotics. Mostly, sleeping pills are available only on prescription, but it can also be made available through the internet. Insomnia Tabs is one of the leading websites providing sleeping pills without prescription.

Sleeping pills is an umbrella term and there are a lot of sleep medications identified under this category. This includes the use of hypnotics for boosting sleep, and tranquilizers that help to lower anxiety levels.

Risks associated with sleeping pills

Sleeping pills and risks are related. They go hand-in-hand. Due to all the risks involved with sleeping pills, the prescription is pretty controversial and tends to be debated amongst the medical community.

All the risks associated with sleeping pills are a result of benzodiazepines that tend to affect different body parts like muscles and brain.

Some of the common risks associated with sleeping pills include the following

  • High mortality rate

Several studies conducted have shown the association between sleeping pills and mortality risks of the patients. The risk of death is four times higher in patients who take sleeping pills than those who don’t. But why? Sleeping pills are often used for curing depression but it may have counter-reactions and increase the risk of developing suicidal thoughts.

  • Increased risk of cancer

Also, the study published in BMJ medical journal has shown the link between sleeping pills and cancer. Since sleeping pills contain benzodiazepines, there’s a 35% high risk of developing cancer.

  • Memory loss and Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a slowly progressing disease but it can have severe impacts. People tend to lose their memory and although it progresses slowly, taking sleeping pills can only worsen the symptoms of Alzheimer’s thereby speeding up the evolution process.

Also, it paves the way or makes the person prone to Alzheimer’s. If you have been taking sleeping pills for long the risk of developing Alzheimer’s will be too much too.

  • Bad sleep quality

Sleeping pills are meant to enhance the quality of sleep, but sometimes they tend to damage the sleep quality. The benzodiazepines have a huge impact on the structure of sleep thereby making slow waves and bringing about lack of sleep in the body. There’s no deep sleep, which is why a person may feel fatigued the entire day. It also increases the risk of tiredness throughout the day and inattention.