Signs of sleeping pill abuse

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Sleeping pills are identified as hypnotics. These are prescribed for different sleep disorders such as insomnia to boost sleep. Sleeping pills are your short-term solution for sleep, but if you are using it for long-term, it can have severe impacts such as abuse, addiction and even misuses.

Sleeping pills should be taken for proper impact with significant risks and can have side-effects on its own. Eventually, these may have certain impacts that people won’t even have an idea of. Identifying the symptoms and signs of sleeping pills can be difficult but one who identifies them can have a life-changing experience.

The impact of sleeping pills can be identified when taking medicines like Sonata and Ambien. The abuse can have dangerous impacts on life. People consuming sleeping pills can have a severe impact in terms of memory and concentration. It is necessary to identify the signs from the beginning.

The common signs and symptoms of sleeping pills include the following

  • Slurred speech
  • Inability to focus
  • Damaged memory
  • Problems in movement
  • Inability to focus

The dangers of sleeping pills

Whether you are using sleeping pills for long term or for short-term, both of them can have negative impacts if you become addicted to it. Thus, practising caution can be of great help for keeping sleeping pills in control. Not everyone is aware of the negative impacts of sleeping pills.

Parasomnia is a dangerous condition and people can develop it after a certain point of time if they become addicted to sleeping pills. Parasomnia is a sleeping disorder that can have severe impacts such as sleep-eating, sleep-walking, sleep-sex and all other sleep-related activities that can have a potentially negative impact.

The common dangers due to sleeping pills include minor fatigue, coma and even more. The overdoses can often turn out to be deadly and have severe negative impacts.

You may not realize but you might be abusing sleeping pills. The common signs of sleeping pills abuse include the following

  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Lightheadedness
  • Memory loss
  • Daytime drowsiness
  • Difficulty in concentration
  • Taking medicines without the intention of sleeping

If you take the sleeping pills for a long time, there may be intense side-effects. Most people want unwanted doses as well to suit their purposes. Some of the common side effects of taking sleeping pills for prolonged periods include irregular heartbeat, depression and high blood pressure.

Rebound insomnia

One of the most dangerous side effects of these sleeping pills is that it may lead to rebound insomnia. Rebound insomnia is a condition when sleeping troubles begin once the person stops taking the drug. Rebound insomnia happens if the person abruptly stops taking the medicines. Rebound insomnia is extremely bad and worse than insomnia. Sometimes rebound insomnia can have severe negative impacts and disturbing dreams which can result in panic attacks and increased anxiety. Hence, it is a type of depressive disorder which can only worsen with time. It is a kind of relapse which is seen in people trying to recover. Eventually, it becomes a sign of abuse.