Everything you need to know about dihydrocodeine

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Have you been suffering from sleeping issues lately? All of us have been. But, the fact is in most of us this sleep issue lasts for only a short time, but in some people it stays for a brief period of time. This can however cause the main impact. Sleep issues mostly lead to sleep deprivation which is the root cause of all health issues.

Sleeping aids or medicines can be of great help for overcoming the issue. You can buy dihydrocodeine 30mg to boost your sleep. Dihydrocodeine 30mg has been considered to be one of the most effective medicines for treating sleep deficiency issues.

What is dihydrocodeine 30mg?

Dihydrocodeine 30mg is one of the prominent medicines used for treating sleep disorders, pain, swelling and fever. It acts like an opioid pain reliever that numbs the brain to treat pain. Aspirin helps to relieve pain, swelling and fever. The caffeine consumption however will have a direct impact on boosting the effects of aspirin for treating pain.

Being one of the most pain relieving medicines, dihydrocodeine should be consumed immediately as the signs appear. If one waits for a long time, the medicine may not have the same effect.

Abrupt stopping of dihydrocodeine 30mg medicine will eventually lead to withdrawal symptoms which may lead to prolonged period consumption or high dosage. As a result, the doctor will recommend you to stop your medicine dosage gradually. This will prevent the chances of withdrawal. You need to consult your doctor if you face withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, restlessness, nausea, watery eyes, runny nose, muscle aches and sudden behavior changes.

Taking these medicines for long periods will eventually lead to becoming addicted. Hence, this medicine may or may not need any difference in dosing amount, depending on the amount you’re taking it in.


You can buy dihydrocodeine 30mg online for very affordable prices. However, it is necessary that you reach out to your doctor if you have been consuming other medicines too. Dihydrocodeine 30mg will interact with certain medicines which can eventually have a negative impact on the body.

Certain medicines with which dihydrocodeine will interact include the following

  • Anti-seizure medicines
  • Acetazolamide
  • Antacids
  • Antibiotics
  • Anticholinergic medicine
  • Cimetidine
  • Corticosteroids
  • MAO inhibitors
  • Zidovudine
  • Vemurafenib

Dihydrocodeine 30mg consumption may often lead to increased risk of bleeding if the interaction with other medicines is erious. This medicine should be avoided if you are in anti-platelet and blood thinner medicines.

As much as it has benefits in making you sleep, it can have certain side effects too which needs to be avoided. If taken with other products, it can lead to drowsiness and breathing problems.


You can buy dihydrocodeine 30mg online and store at normal temperature. It should be kept at normal temperature away from moisture and sunlight. Also, you should take proper care of how the medicine is being stored away from the reach of children and pets. Dihydrocodeine 30mg is available online at Insomnia Tabs. You can consult your doctor if you have been suffering from sleeping issues from a long period.