Depression and Sleep Problems: Can one improve without medicines?

22nd August 2020 Off By SEO Poster

We all have been prone to insomnia at some point of life and if not now, we will be one day. This can however cause a lot of problems. Insomnia not only disturbs the psychological balance but also disturbs the physical balance. It is necessary to note down that insomnia doesn’t affect all.

Honestly, battling sleep problems, especially insomnia is something not all of us can tackle. It’s like Sisyphus’ myth. You try with all your will to fall asleep but the end result is futile. So, our aim should be to work towards and reduce the weight of the stone to fall asleep. The easiest way to do so is to stay focused. But is it actually possible? Several medicines are available in the market that can put you to sleep.

Research and different experiences have proved that insomnia is mainly a result of mental and physical conditions. Depression, frustration, anxiety, helplessness, inability to concentrate and any underlying medical condition can lead go insonia. The more we try to sleep, the less we actually fall asleep. It is necessary to take care of small aspects to avoid.

While medicines are of great help for falling asleep, there are other techniques that can help you fall asleep as well. It is better to let go of fighting and instead of giving in, one should try thoroughly towards improving the situation. A combination of medicines and natural procedures can help you fall asleep. Most of these medicines are available online without prescription. Thus, make sure to check them properly and choose the dosage properly to avoid any inconvenience.

How do I fall asleep without medicines?

Sleeping pills are a great way of falling asleep but they can turn out to be addictive. Instead of having long-term results, it may have counter-effect or reactions which is why it is necessary to keep a check with it. If you do not prefer to take medicines, you can try out other ways for falling asleep too.

  1. Calm your mind

Rest is state of mind and body. No matter how much you try, if your mind is not in rest, your body will never be. There will always be fatigue. The best way to avoid distress and sleeplessness is to calm the body and mind. Cognitive therapy and dialectical behavior therapy can be of great help for boosting conscious relaxation.

Most people prefer visiting a therapist to avoid medicinal complications. Also, the best way to calm your mind is to give up on the usage of phone at least 30 minutes before going to bed.

  • Focus on your body

As much as the mind’s consciousness is required, the body too needs to be calm. While it is tough to control the mind, it can be somewhat easy to calm your body. You can try out different techniques such as somatic therapy, relaxation techniques and breathing to keep out the frustration and negative thoughts off your mind. Few simple exercises and yoga can play an important role in calming your body. You can practise the inhalation and exhalation exercises to make the most of it.